Bar mitzva trips – Bring Tani to celebrate your son’s bar mitzva with friends. A special 3 day wilderness adventure brings boys into a natural environment where they can be boys, a place where they can safely wander and explore. During these three days, Tani discusses whats it like to be bar mitzva, relating each days games and survival activities to real life. These trips are a great way to start off the age of bar mitzva with an experience of accomplishment. 

Speaking engagements — Tani loves to share stories from his adventures and explorations. As a speaker, he weaves creative Torah ideas together with entertaining, intriguing, and thought provoking stories, especially from his experiences in the wilderness.

Music is an important part of Tani’s journey. He has led davening in shuls across the US, Israel and in Europe. Whether it’s a lively Friday night davening or playing guitar at a motzai Shabbos kumzitz, the songs and stories will inspire you, each in their own way. The natural and wilderness elements find their way into the songs, and forge a thought provoking musical experience

Leadership Seminars – With a wealth of experience from leading thousands of people on various adventures, Tani brings his expertise to you and your group in a clear and structured presentation. 

Family gaming experience – A great way to spend a Sunday, playing good ole healthy games with your nuclear and/or extended family. A great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family milestones and other family events. Your family will spend a great day laughing, and take great memories and skills with them. 

Chazan – Tani loves to sing and to lead people in songs. Teaching his originals, or little known ancient nigunim, new songs, and singing old favorites, there’s nothing like some fresh energy and sincere feeling to help reach out in prayer. 

Team Building Workshops – There’s no better way to spend a fun day with your group.  Groups of co-workers, students, tour group, shul members, or even strangers will enjoy getting to know each other better, establishing clearer lines of communication, and deeper relationship skills. You’ll learn tools to get along even better and get to practice them in a low risk, upbeat and encouraging setting.

Speaking and Teaching –

Scholar in Residence –